Just a little history as I, Larry “Chop” Helms remembers. I started in jet boats in the early 1980's with a Wreidt Spoiler similar to a Taylor SS. My next jetboat was a 1978 Taylor SJ, and I later purchased a 1985 Taylor and ran it until 1996 when I ran across and purchased my first Youngblood. It was a 1976 TX-19 Youngblood and it was in Baton Rouge La. with the Serial number of JBN 0011512076. At the time this was a bare hull and trailer in very rough shape. After purchase, I began to restore the old hull. After a lot of thought, a good paint scheme was established and I started to work on the paint. I gathered pump parts and had a few since I had been working on them. I set the intake in the hull and built a pump. I designed my on seat and interior, beginning with Taylor seats. I changed the shape and size. I designed the deck lids to wrap around the basset headers and over the engine. Then I decided I wanted a swim platform for easy access in and out of the boat for my family. I found a late model swim platform that is used on Tyler boats to use as a pattern, but since I had a JG Berkeley and a place diverter, I had to re-route the cables to resemble a JE Pump. I Installed carpet, rewired the boat, installed gauges, built a 454 engine that dynoed at 515 Hp on pump gas. In March of 1997 I made my first trip to the lake and I still run #911, “Pay me Later.” today. I have made some hardware and engine changes along the way and working on jetboats is a favorite pastime of mine.

In 1996 Larry Welch and I started an organization called “Outlaw Boat Racing”. It was at Wright Patman Lake, Atlanta State Park in East Texas. We had a so called "PO BOY" operation. We made a starting tree out of a stop light and mounted it to a floating dock platform. We marked a 1,000 ft course off and set up brackets. We used radar guns at the finish line. We ran this race for 3 years, once a month starting in April and ending in September. We had as many as 45 boats show up at one time.

We have a group that carries the Outlaw Boat Racers Banner to SDBA and Smokin in the Cove Races. The Outlaw group has grown over the years hanging out at lakes in the Four States Area on weekends, holidays and special gatherings.

A little more about the boat #911 “Pay Me Later”. This boat rides the lake an average of 10 to 20 hours in the summer months. The boat runs 90mph on the motor and 100+ on nitrous. We ride the lake, ski and tube behind it. The boat runs in the S.E. Class (11 sec) at SDBA races. The course is ¼ of a mile long. It runs 9 sec at the Smoking In The Cove races on the 1,000 ft course.

In 2002 at Smokin in the Cove in Malvern, Arkansas, Rusty Helms, my 15 year old son, driving the TX-19 boat #911, “Pay Me Later”, won 4th place in the 9sec class. He was the youngest driver to ever place in the history of races.

In 2003 at a SDBA race in Pine Bluff Arkansas, Larry Helms better known as “Chop” as the driver of the TX-19 boat #911 “Pay Me Later”, ran and won 1st place in 11sec S.E. class.

In 2003 at Smokin in the Cove in Malvern, Arkansas, Larry Helms (Chop) the driver of the TX-19 boat #911 “Pay Me Later”, won 2nd place in the 2nd chance, of the 9 sec class with a redlighting in the final round.

In 2004, a grudge match at Smokin in the Cove, between 2 Outlaws boats, #911 “Pay me Later, driven by Chop Helms and boat # 117 “Gambler” driven by David Cooper, the #911 boat ran 7.61 at 108.44 mph in 1,000 ft course.

In 2005 at Smokin in the Cove, Magan Helms driving “Pay Me Later” walked away with #1 qualifier with a 9.002 and 1st place in the 9 sec class, due to a rain out caused from Hurricane Katrina.

In 2008 at Smokin in the Cove, Magan Helms driving “Pay Me Later” lined up against Tiffany Helms in the 9 sec class running for 3rd and 4th they agreed on running first to the finish line with Magan Helms winning with a 7.98 at 104 mph.

In 2010 at Summer Thunder in Purcell, Ok, Magan Helms driving “Pay Me Later” split the pot with Matt Weaver for 1st place in the 9 sec class, when the race was called due to bad weather.

In 2010 at Ft Cobb, Chop Helms driving “Pay Me Later” ran 2 classes and finished 1st place in each class at the flag races.

In 2010 at Smokin in the Cove, Magan Helms driving “Pay Me Later” came out with good numbers to ensure a 1st place win in the 9 sec class. (1st round 9.003, 2nd round 9.012, 3rd round 9.027 4th round 9.011

Note from the webmaster.... What Chop has not mentioned is that he is a noted pump builder. Larry has rebuilt and modified many pumps used in both pleasure and race boats in the Four States Area. He is very reasonable on his pricing and will do you a good job. He can be contacted at chop@youngbloodjetboats.com

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