Apollo Jetboats

The original design work for this style boat was created
by Jim Youngblood and Neil Clark in the early 1970's
Triple C Enterprises of Cabot, AR

Compare some of the hull design of this boat
with the Esquire and Southwind boats.
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Was this Tri-Hull the forerunner of the TX-19 gullwing?

The S.D.B.A. used an Apollo for the Rescue Boat circa 1975.

Ron Wingfield and Neil Clark have the original Apollo molds
back from Bodie Council after the 20 year license agreement
expired. Bodie was building these as Sunkisst and now Ron and
Neil are again manufacturing the hull using modern composite
techniques under the trademark of WaterMark Marine Industries
ClassX Boats. As the name states a classic boats with modern building
techniques. Visit them at Click Here for ClassXboats website.

The original Apollo Jetboat was produced by Triple C Enterprises Hwy 367 S, Cabot, Arkansas from early 1970's (1971?) until June 16, 1978. One of the models was an 18' California style low profile jetboat. Most of these boats had Jacuzzi jet pumps as the Apollo company work closely with the Jacuzzi Brothers company located in nearby Little Rock, AR. The Manufacturer Identification Code assigned to the Apollo boats by Triple C is TPC. Each S/N on these boats will begin with the TPC identification.

There was an Apollo Boat Company located in Beebe, AR from July 8, 1987 to June 30, 2003 ran by a Randall Odom. I am not familiar with this company and do not know what style of boats they made. This company's MIC code is AQK.

The Triple C company manufactured more than just jetboats, so this company e built other styles. Bodie Council had the Apollo jetboat molds on the East Coast under contract for twenty years and constructed Sunkisst boats. I assume Bodie picked the Apollo molds up in the late 1970's or early 1980's after Triple C Enterprises went out of business.

Presently the Apollo style hulls are back close to their original home and manufactured by CLASSXBOATS in North Little Rock, AR. These boats are identified with a serial number beginning with IQY.

One funny story. I met a Harold Smith from the Midland, TX area around 1979. He said he heard that I was interested in boats and asked me what kind I had. I replied a Youngblood tunnel hull. He replied, "Yes, I know old Jimmy Youngblood. He brought a bass boat to one of our bass boat races and set the bass boat speed record". Well, I thought this was a pretty good yarn. A few months later I ran into Youngblood and mentioned this story. He dropped his head and started to smile and laugh and said, "Yes, it is true. We put a bass boat top on one of our jetboats with our race engine and set the bass boat record. I guess you could call that boat the "funny car" of boat racing". So the "yarn" was true after all. I think this "funny boat" was probably one of the Apollo jetboats as they did actually manufacture a jet bass boat. VERIFIED by Jack Seastrum. )

One last relation. There was a Clark Custom Boat company located in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas from January 1, 1972 to March 3, 1981. Their MIC was PFU.
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